Rust Proof Shower Caddy

A rust proof shower caddy will last longer, stay cleaner, and will not rust.

Best Rust Proof Shower Caddies

Shower Head Over the Door
Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy     Stainless Steel Zenith Over the Shower Door Caddy   Stainless Steel
simplehuman Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Caddy Zenith Products E7803STBB Over the Shower Door Caddy Stainless Steel

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Stick Anywhere Tension Pole
Command Large Shower Caddy with Water-Resistant Strips OXO Good Grips Lift and Lock Pole Caddy
3M Command 17603B Large Shower Caddy with Water-Resistant St Rust Proof Shower Caddy
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What Causes Rust?

Rust is caused when moisture touches an object with iron in it. The oxygen in the water bonds with the iron atoms and creates an iron oxide molecule. These molecules remain suspended in the water, but when the water is dried off or evaporates the particles stay behind and form the reddish, crusty stuff we call rust. Iron and steel are two metals known for rusting. Copper and bronze don’t rust, but they can corrode and turn a green color (like the Statue of Liberty) if they’re allowed to corrode long enough.

The best way to avoid rust on a shower caddy is to buy a caddy that does not have iron or steel in it.

What Shower Caddies Are Not Rustproof?

rustproof shower caddyAny caddies that are made of iron or steel will rust. Additionally, many caddies will say they are chrome or bronze. These caddies are often not solid chrome, or solid bronze, since those are expensive metals. Instead, most chrome caddies are an iron metal (which will rust) with a chrome coating (chrome does not rust). So, these caddies are rust resistant. However, if the chrome ever cracks, breaks, or flakes off, it will expose the metal underneath to water, which will lead to rust. These caddies are often cheaper, but at some point you will find rust on your plated or coated caddies.

Fortunately, we have done the work for you, and you can be sure to get 100% rust proof caddies by viewing any caddies in our Rust Proof Shower Caddy category.

Rust Proof Shower Caddies

There are lots of great rust proof shower caddies. Zenith Products created the great stainless steel shower caddy shown below. It easily hangs over your shower or bathtub door, has a shelf for your soap, and two adjustable shelves to hold your bottles. It comes with hooks and loops as well to hold razors, loofahs or washcloths, and anything else you need. Zenith Products also has exceptional customer service. They go above and beyond to provide the best customer service, make sure you are happy, and are very friendly to work with. We recently reviewed their over the door stainless steel shower caddy below.

Click the link below to price check or purchase the Zenith Products stainless steel over the shower door caddy seen in the review.

Zenith Products E7803STBB Over the Shower Door Caddy Stainless Steel
Zenith Products E7803STBB Over the Shower Door Caddy Stainless Steel

Click on each link below to see rust proof caddies of that type.

Rust Proof Shower Caddy

Best Shower Caddy ListThe best of the best shower caddies. All rust proof, all great reviews and features. If you read one article, this is the one to read.

Stainless Steel Shower Caddy List – Our top stainless steel caddies of each type. All 100% rust proof caddies.

Plastic Shower Caddies– Made of plastic and rust proof.

Bamboo Shower Caddies– The bamboo in these caddies is rust proof. Watch out for chrome plated or other accompanying metals.

Bronze Shower Caddies– True bronze will not rust, but many bronze caddies may be bronze coated, meaning they could flake and rust over time.

Hopefully you will find a great stainless steel shower caddy to meet your needs, and rust will no longer be an issue.

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