Best Dorm/College Shower Caddies

The Best Dorm/College Shower Caddies & Totes are caddies that will attach in a variety of ways since you may not know what your shower will look like. They are affordable, and they may be in tote form where you can carry your shower supplies back and forth to the shower with you.

Best Dorm Shower Caddy

These 2 caddies will attach just about anywhere in the shower. One uses suction cups, and the other uses 3M’s Command adhesive solution.

Power Lock Suction Cup Bamboo

Shower Surfer Gear Organizer


The first caddy can either go over a shower head, or over a shower door, increasing your chances of finding some open space if you share a shower. The tension pole caddy can be installed in a shower corner, leaving other corners and the shower head for other people to install caddies on and use.

Convertible Shower Caddy

Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy

Zenith Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy, White

Best Dorm Shower Tote

These two totes will do a good job of carrying your stuff back and forth to the shower, gym, home, or wherever you need. The first caddy holds more items, while the second caddy folds down really compact to fit in a suitcase.

Honey-Can-Do Quick Dry Shower Tote

Dorm Caddy Shower Tote

Honey-Can-Do Blue Quick Dry Shower Tote Dorm Caddy Shower Tote by Dormbuys

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